Church of St. John Cantius: 1998 Floor of the Year
Chicago, IL

The Wind God with Inlaid Stars and Leaves
Racine, WI 1999

Legendary Compass Medallion
Terre Haute, IN 1999

Maumee Bay Dance Floor Star
Maumee Bay State Park, OH

Carousel Medallion in Kitchen with Union Jack White Oak Field
Terre Haute, IN 1999

Rose Medallion in Jatoba Union Jack Field with Hamilton Parquet Entry
Bloomington, IN 1999

Church of St. John Cantius: Manifestation Medallion
Chicago, IL

Equestrian Medallion
Ocalla, FL 1997

The Quiltstar Medallion
Cumarru, Ipe, Birdseye Maple and Walnut

Eliot’s Chapel Medallion

Maumee Compass Medallion

Heritage Eagle Medallion
Terre Haute, IN 1997

Eight Point Star, Amaranth, Wenge, Lacewood, Jatoba & Cumarru

Providence Medallion
Terre Haute, IN 1996

Eagle Creek Golf Course Medallion
Zoeller, IN

Texas A&M Student Union
Austin, TX 1997

Sycamore Trees Giants on Honey Creek from Salty Seamon composition commissioned by Bobby McPeak 1998

Rose Medallion on Landing
Bloomington, IN 1999